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Jun, 2016
Vol-6 Issue - 1 (Semi-annual Publication)

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The ever growing field of Education... where nothing stops!!

It is often seen that experts and academicians are often not good teachers but they frequently occupy teaching roles. This is partly because of their varied interests and also because they often have not been formally trained. This is so for most disciplines, but of relevance in dental field. Dental education involves so many facets that call for different skills such as lectures, small group teaching, problem solving, technical skill training and integration of theory & practice, which is of utmost importance.
Teachers’ training and skill acquisition to become an effective trainer are just some keys needed in transfer of knowledge and skills from the experts to the next generation.

Also, with the advances in audiovisual, digital and virtual aids, the formal training to hone the necessary skills can and should be done on regular basis.

To foster the development of dental professionals who aim to be dental educators, a teaching and leadership program could be introduced at university levels. Such programs would include didactic teaching in small and large group settings, simulation of teaching and one-to –one clinical teaching. Other areas to facilitate professional growth include curriculum development, evidence based dentistry, research and writing skills and teaching with technology project management.

This would dramatically enhance teaching skills to higher levels.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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