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Dec, 2016


Dec, 2016
Vol-6 Issue - 2 (Semi-annual Publication)


Title of the article : Accuracy of Impressions for Multiple Dental Implants Using Various Impression Materials And Techniques An In Vitro Study

Authors : Milap. H. Karia , Ponnanna A.A. , Hiral M. Karia , Kruti Patel , Pooja Sheth ,Prashant. P. Shetty


Purpose : The aim of the present study was to compare the accuracy of casts obtained from, non-splinted and splinted direct impression techniques employing two different splinting materials & impression materials for multiple dental implants

Materials and Methods : A reference model with four Implants (Uniti, Equinox, D-3.7mm, L-13mm)in the anterior mandible was fabricated with denture base heat-curing acrylic resin. Impressionsof the reference model were made using polyether and polyvinyle siloxane impression material by direct non-splinted andsplinted techniques. Impressions were divided into two groups:
Group A:-Polyvinyl siloxane impression materials
Group B:-Polyether elastomeric impression materials
Both the groups were further divided into 3 sub-groups, NS:- In this group impression posts were not splinted.
SPR:- In this group impression posts were splinted with pattern resin (GC)
SWR:- In this group impression posts were splinted with light cured wax resin.
21 impressions were made for each groupand casts were poured in type IV dental stone. Linear differences in interimplant distances in the x-, y-,and z-axes and differences in interimplant angulations in the z-axis were measured on the casts using acoordinate measuring machine.(MUTUTOYO)

RESULT : In this study impressions made with polyether impression material was more accurate than the impression made with polyvinyl siloxane and impressions using transfer copings splinted with pattern resins, was more accurate than when they were nonsplinted or splinted with light cured wax resin

CONCLUSION : Casts obtained from all six impression techniques exhibited differences from thereference model. Casts obtained using the polyether–splinted(SPR) technique were the mostaccurate versus the reference model, followed by those obtained via polyether–splinted(SWR) technique, Polyvinyle Siloxane–splinted(SPR) technique,Polyvinyle Siloxane– splinted(SWR) technique,nonsplinted techniques using poly ether & poly vinyle siloxane impression materials

Key Words : accuracy, dental implants, impressions, splinting materials

ISSN (ONLINE) - 2321 - 7553

ISSN (PRINT) - 2249-443x





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