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Original Research

Evaluation of immediately loaded dental implants placed in the maxillary anterior region : a clinico-radiographic study
AUTHORS: Mayur Anand, Ullas Anand, Bina Anand, Kirti Anand, Suresh Sajjan, Roopa Kt
Caries prevalence and its association with body mass index in preschool children of lucknow
AUTHORS: Atul Singh, Monika Rathore, Neerja Singh, Pratik Kariya, Ahsan Abdullah, Madhulika Srivastava
Evaluation of saliva characteristics in patients undergoing haemodialysis in southern india – a cross sectional study
AUTHORS: Sunil Eraly, Mithra Hegde, Shamina Bawa
Accuracy of age estimation from developing teeth of a population of known age (5-25 yrs) using London atlas method
Authors: Tashveen Singh, Ameena Ranginwala, Ankur Parmar, Jayesh Kanjaria, Brijesh Patel


A novel approach in management of palatogingival groove and associated endodontic- periodontic lesion.
Authors: Rakesh Nair, Moksha Nayak, Deepthy Cherian, L Krishnaprasada, Anoop Nair, Ramya Mk
Endodontic considerations in the geriatric patient- a case report
Authors: Kavitha G, Samrat MR, Purushotham, Sujith R, Jayanth Nambiar
Prosthetic rehablitation of a patient with a hollow bulb obturator using a 3 piece mould technique
Authors : Bina Anand, Mayur Anand, Ullas Anand, Kirti Anand, Anil K
The role of high-pull headgear and v-activator combination for growth modulation
Authors : Lakshmi Pillai, Malthesh BS, Arunkumar G, Ramesh GC
Restoration of eye defect by a modified custom ocular prosthesis
Authors : Namrata Naidu, Giridhar Naidu, Takvani Rimmy
Surgical removal of over extended gutta percha (17mm beyond the apex) from the maxillary sinus – a case report.
Authors : Sayed Abrar Bashir Ahmed, Jayant Landge, Jaiprakash Rathod, Mansing Pawar
Antibacterial activity of hydrastis canadensis extract on selected periodontal pathogens: an in vitro study
Authors : Vishnudas Bhandari, Surbhi Khaparde, Guari Ugale, Omkumar Baghele, Mukesh Ardale, Sunil Bapure
Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of maxillary posterior vicinity: a rare case report with brief literature review
Authors : Sangameshwar Sajjanshetty, Deepa Hugar, Sunil Bapure, Nami Rajpoot