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Jan 2013, issue


Jan, 2013
Vol-3 Issue - 1 (Quarterly Publication)

Over the last decade there has been a scientific and technological advance in the field of dentistry,which requires new educational initiatives and continuous professional development, also instruction as a medium has become sophisticated both in substance and methods. One must realize the importance in instruction technique versus education in scientific and critical thinking.
Our profession as a whole is heading towards an increase in specialized clinical services and specialties, as well as in number of individuals who can afford them, also along with this is seen that the complexity of disease pattern continues to change and grow among various populations. This has lead to questioning of the traditional methods used with context of evidence-based rationale. Also increase in diagnostic and preventive measures in field has lead to the requirement of increase knowledge in terms of microbial and human genetics, as well as molecular medicine. Hence integration of research and induction of dental care into other allied medical fields and education systems is the requirement of the hour without which dentistry risks losing its status as a learned profession to becoming a vocational school program.
We need to look at our educational system from a broader perspective by introducing evidence based educational methods, increasing our knowledge to professions complimentary to dentistry
while maintaining the status of our clinical and educational procedure. The role of guide also needs to be relooked at from not being able to guide the student but being able to assess their performance based on their knowledge and technical skills by engaging them in multiple situations thereby reflecting their critical thinking.
Guide is more than a lecturer, changing the role to more of an information provider, facilitator, mentor, student assessor, curriculum evaluator, resource material creator and study guide producer in short a multifaceted role.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Original Research

Photoelastic Evaluation And Comparison Of Stress Transmission Characteristics
Of Two Different Overdenture Retainer Designs Under Dynamic Loading
Conditions – An In Vitro Study
AUTHORS: Alok Dwivedi, Suraj.R. Suvarna, Anurag Gupta, Anupam Singh, Pradeep Sherigar,
Shweta Bali
Page no 1-7
Comparative Analysis Of Changes In Curvatures In Curved Root Canals Using Niti
Rotary Protaper Instruments With Or Without Edta”-An Invitro Study
AUTHORS: Lalitagauri Mandke, Anita Thakur
Page no 8-13
Fracture Resistance Of Wave-One Rotary File Used In Reciprocating Motion
AUTHORS: Manish Shah, Mahendra Patel, Aesha Amin, Pranav Kharod, Chintan Joshi
Page no 14-18
Comparison of stability of fracture segments in mandible fracture treated with
different designs of mini-plates using FEM analysis
Authors: Udupikrishna Joshi, Manju Kurakar, Satish Kumar G Patil, Aaisha Siddiqua, Nitin
Page no 19-30
Comparison of Flexural strength of various autoploymerising acrylic resins after
microwave post polymerization treatment – An in vitro study.
Authors: Tamanna Chhabra, Suraj R Suvarna, Alok Dwivedi, Anupam Singh, Anurag Gupta,
Shweta Bali, Naveen Chhabra

Page no 31-35
A comparative study of fracture resistance between the stainless steel post and
the glass fiber post system in the intraradicular restoration of structurally
compromised roots
Authors: Prachi Joshi
Page no 36-42
Socio-Economic Position, Tobacco Habit, And Plaque: A Pathway To Severe
Chronic Periodontitis
Authors: Archita Kikani, Mihir Shah, Hiral Parikh, Sandip Ladani, Pratik Shah
Page no 43-48


Integrating Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) In Dentistry-Review
Authors: P.G.Makhija, Priyanka Makhija
Page no 49-55


Nicotine hair test- A potential biomarker for smoke analysis
Authors: Suyog Chandrashekhar Savant, Harsh G Shah, Vasudha Sodani, Dimpal Bajaj
Page no 56-60

C- Reactive Protein: Risk Factor For Periodontal disease
Authors: Promod kr. Rathore, Shweta Bali, Anoop Bhushan, Priyanka Aggarwal
Page no 61-66

Occlusal schemes for complete dentures - A Review Article.
Authors: Savitha K. Chandregowda, Srinivas L. Shantaraj
Page no 67-72
Papillary Recession-A Review
Authors: Shraddanand Bacha, Sanajay Kumar, Parag Khatri, Ashok Satyanaryan
Page no 73-76



Three rooted primary mandibular molar – a report of three cases
Authors:Vijay bhaskar, Purva Butala, Manpreet kaur
Page no 77-81
Supra Apical Osteotomy
Authors:R. Karthigeyan, R. SathyaNarayanan, Suma Karthigeyan, Balathandayutham
Page no 82-85
Ameloblastic Carcinoma associated with impacted tooth - A rare case report
Authors : Gouse Mohiddin, Shantha Bharathan, B.Thayumanavan, S.Rajkumari, Prashant
Page no 86-88
Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma – A Case Report
Authors: Sidharth Chincholi, Prashant kumar, B.C. Patil, Snehalata R
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Multidisciplinary approach in management of complicated crown root fracture :
A case report
Authors: J. Pramod, Shreetha Bhandary, L. Krishna Prasada
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Differential Sliding Friction Mechanics: Insights for Separate Canine Retraction
Authors: Vishnu Patel, Dolly Patel, Sonali Mahadevia, Bhavya Trivedi
Page no 98-101