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Jan, 2014
Vol-4 Issue - 1 (Quarterly Publication)

Editorial Desk

“Regenerative dentistry” --- is what we are all heading towards, and it is more of an evolving Sub specialty.

All across the globe, tissue engineering seems to be the future that promises greater medicine. Liver, heart, cornea and windpipe have been manufactured in labs and grown within recipient bodies. Tissue engineering is a truly multi disciplinary subject requiring the skill set of a Chemist, a Material Engineer to design and build organ scaffold, a Physicist to model tissue growth and a Biologist to monitor tissue growth.

The future of dentistry is the incorporation of similar technology within the field of dentistry which aims at either regeneration of teeth in dental practices or the use of various scaffolds that can be implanted into existing teeth to regenerate tissues within.

Various therapies ranging from stem cell banking, inject-able scaffold delivery, 3d printing, and genetic engineering are now available. Most of these therapies rely on stem cells and growth factors. Interestingly enough even teeth contain stem cells that are noninvasive and mostly mesenchymal in origin. Moreover, they do not produce any immune reaction and are capable of differentiating into bone, cartilage and adipose tissue. Hence, they can have a wide range of applications and can change the concept from “Replacement--to-- egeneration”

Dentistry is advancing in the field of periodontal regeneration, with options of repair and replacement of mineralized & soft tissue with enhanced wound healing. In the field of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, regeneration of bone defects, injuries, diseases, craniofacial constructions are becoming more predictable. Even Salivary gland dysfunctions and Tm joint diseases are is becoming more treatable conservatively.

Endodontic applications range from stem cell fillings, pulp regeneration, and immature root development to replacement of traumatized tissue.

On the other side, we need to update ourselves about emerging fields and technologies. It requires immense comprehensive evidence based data to actually decide on the success of these engineered components and their clinical applications.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Introduction Of Photoessay

Pulp canal obliteration subsequent to trauma : Canal localization and obturation
AUTHORS: Medha Jain
Page no 1-2

Original Research

A Comparative Evaluation Of Radio Visio Graphy and Ultra Sound Real Time Imaging In the Differential Diagnosis Of Periapical Lesions Of Endodontic Origin- An In Vivo Study
AUTHORS: M.J.Bharath, Sahadev .C.K, Praveen kumar .M.R, Sandeep .R, Aby kuruvilla
a        a
Page no 3-6
Comparison between ‘Beta Angle’, “ANB Angle’ and ‘Wits Appraisal’ To Asses The Sagittal Jaw Relationship
AUTHORS: Purvesh Shah, Romil Shah
a        a
Page no 7-18
An In–Vitro Comparison of Apical Leakage in Immediate Versus Delayed Post Space Preparation
AUTHORS: Suran Pushpa, Geeta, Benal Vijayalaxmi D, Bharati S H, Prashanth R, Karuna
a        a
Page no 19-22
Comparison of Anesthetic Efficacy Of 4% Articaine With Adrenaline (1:1,00,000) and 2 % Lidocaine with Adrenaline (1:1,00,000) in Routine Oral Surgical Procedures
Authors: Neha Vyas, Darshan Patel, Nitu Shah, Kshiti Trivedi
a        a
Page no 23-28
Incidence of Oro-Facial Habits in Children During Mixed Dentition Phase And their Effect On Overjet And Overbite
Authors: Atri Naik, Santosh Kumar Goje, Purvesh Shah, Avinash Nawathe, Romina Kapadia, Narayan Kulkarni

a        a
Page no 29-33
Comparative Evaluation of The Efficacy Of Utilizing Motivated School Teachers And Dental Professional in Primary Prevention Of Periodontal Disease in School Children.
Authors: Mathew Thomas, Pratebha Balu, Manoj Raja, Nirmal Raj, Shraddanand Bacha, Roshan Uthappa
a        a
Page no 34-39
Influences of Selected Socio-Demographic Factors On The Periodontal Status Of The Pregnant Women-A Cross Sectional Study
AUTHORS: Deeksha Kiran Shetty, Suyog Chandrashekhar Savant, Sheetal Mali, Harsh G. Shah, Vasudha Sodani, Supreetha Shama Rao
a        a
Page no 40-45
Evaluation Of Micro leakage Of Composite Resin Restorations After Non Vital Tooth Bleaching-An In Vitro Study
AUTHORS: G. Edward Goldwin, P. Ravi Sekhar Babu
a        a
Page no 46-49
Comparison Of Midazolam with Propofol and Propofol Alone in Minor Oral And Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures
AUTHORS: Mohammad Ali R Patel, Shereen Fatima, Kenchappa Umesh Reddy, Kiran Radder, M. Arshad Hussain, Mohammed Haneef
a        a
Page no 50-58
Prevalence of Commonly Found Pathologies Associated With Impacted Third Molars Based On Panoramic Radiographs
AUTHORS: Rameen Khosa, MK Sunil, Param Pal Singh, Neetu singla, Aarti Trakroo, Shibu A
a        a
Page no 59-64


Trigeminal Neuralgia-A Review
Authors: Dr.Priti Shah , Dr Hetul Patel , Dr. Mona Shah , Dr. Kevin Parikh
a        a
Page no 65-68

Paoo : A Review Corticotomy Facilitated Orthodontics
Authors: Bela Dave, Hiral Parikh, Sandip Ladani, Mihir Shah, Archita Kikani
a        a
Page no 69-76


Mandibular Second Premolar with Two Roots And Two Canals
Authors: Shashin Shah, Kunjal Mistry, Dipti Chokshi, Barkha Idnani, Nirav Parmar, Aastha Buch
a        a
Page no 77-81
Orofacial Granulomatosis : A Case Report
Authors: Roshani Thakur, R. Krishna Kumar, Arvind Shetty, Ranjeet Bapat
a        a
Page no 82-86
Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Case Report
Authors : Paras Doshi, Chirag Chauhan, Darshana Shah, Krutika Bhatti, Rajiv S.
a        a
Page no 87-93
Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Hobo’s Twins Table Technique - A Case Report
Authors: Bankim Mistry, Pankaj Patel, Rahul Dhanak , Manan Atit
a        a
Page no 94-97