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January 2015


Jan, 2015
Vol-5 Issue - 1 (Quarterly Publication)

Editorial Desk

Dental science is making tremendous advancements and keeping abreast with such current progress helps us in enhancing our knowledge in pursuit of professional excellence in dentistry. There is no gainsaying the fact that the development of protocols that are based on meaningful investigations, which meet the high standards of research design, is the priority of any research programme. BUJOD in this fifth consecutive year aims to become one of the leading dental health journal for globally spreading outstanding research and encourage dedicated research scholars to engage with, and be inspired by outstanding peer-led research, ultimately enhancing their academic standing.

This journal in its fifth year expects to serve as an impetus for national and international researchers in all specialties of dental and medical sciences. BUJOD has certainly found its proper niche in the forest of excellent journals related to both Dental and Medical Sciences that are being published throughout the world today.Considering this as one of the milestones; we further encourage enhanced research by investigators and appeal to the wider regional and international community for quality manuscripts.

Indeed, a constant search for excellence in dentistry remains a big challenge. The dental clinician, dental academician, dental researcher and the biostatistician, all have to come together on a uniform platform and their interrelationship will help in bringing many new research and discoveries. This journal seeks and we do our best to bring to you continuously new research findings which aid in better clinical options, exploring new ideas and newer dimensions of learning in dentistry which in turn improves the overall quality of the oral health care delivered.

Bringing this newer volume of BUJOD in its first issue of 2015, I am very positive that you will enjoy reading the various original research and clinical article presented herein and incorporate newer ideas and technologies in delivering better fruits of dentistry to our esteemed patients.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Original Research

Association of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, condylar position and skeletal malocclusions in davangere population
AUTHORS: Malthesh Savakkanavar, Sreedhara S, Rajesh R.N.G, Arun Kumar G, Sujaykumar G, Chava Deepak Chowdary
a        a
Page no 1-11
Determine and compare the anchorage efficiency of aarhus mini implant system, dentos mini implant system and conventional Method for enmasse retraction of maxillary anterior teeth. A clinical Cephalometric study
AUTHORS: Vadivel Kumar, Praveen Gowda, Raja A, Nagarajan Sadhasivam , Aruna Jayamurugan, Arulprakash Kaveri
a        a
Page no 12-21
“Evaluation of stress in final year dental undergraduate students in a dental institution at pune, india: a cross sectional study”
AUTHORS: Mudgade Deepjyoti K, Patel Jyotsna S, Salunke Vaibhav J, Patel Sandeep G, Sapkal Rashmi B, Kadam Chandrashekhar M
a        a
Page no 22-26
Role Of Ultrasonography In Evaluation Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Authors: Sunil Kumar. K, Trisha Rastogi, Raghav Kumar, Sugandha Sharma, Avinash Kumar Singh, Jyotish Kumar Jha
a        a
Page no 27-32
Conventional Frontal Sinus Imaging – A Tool In Gender Determination : Original Study
Authors: Bhargav Selarka, Rajul Mehta, Suresh Ludhwani, Kamil Mansuri, Mohammed Asif Syed, Hemant Bhutani
a        a

Page no 33-37
Prevalence of single visit root canal therapy among the endodontists in western part of india.
Authors: Rupal Vaidya, Asima Vora, Shraddha Chokshi, Uday Patel, Zarna Sanghvi, Pallav Chokshi
a        a
Page no 38-43


PAOO- Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics. A review
Authors: Bhavin Gaywala, Sarvesh Agrawal, Megha Agrawal
a        a
Page no 44-50
Distraction Osteogenesis In Cleft Palate Cases - A Review
Authors: Shweta Bali, Priyanka Thukral, Deepa Verma, Nidhi Gupta, Vaibhav Joshi
a        a
Page no 51-54


Ridge Augmentation Using Vertical Distractor – A Case Report
Authors: Priyanka Thukral, Shweta Bali, Deepa Verma, Nidhi Gupta, Vaibhav Joshi
a        a
Page no 55-58
Trismus appliance fabrication using an innovative approach.
Authors: Ahmad Naeem, Saluja Arti, Goel Dinkar, Kumar Pankaj, Chaturvedi Anshuman, Kalyan Joshi Amit
a        a
Page no 59-62
Determination Of Growth Pattern Using Opg – A New Approach In Orthodontic Diagnosis
Authors : Bhavya Trivedi, Aatman Joshipura, A.F. Bhatia, Krishnamurthy, Nirav Patel
a        a
Page no 63-69
Authors: Parul Bhatia, Sanyal Shah, Jayesh Parikh, Sarthak Parikh, Purv Patel, Yesha Jani
a        a
Page no 70-76
Management of a case of severe internal resorption with perforation and pathological crown root fracture
Authors: Leena Hiren Jobanputra, Sunita Garg, Keyur Joshi, Jahnvi Mehta
a        a
Page no 77-80
Intraoral Lipoma: A Case Report
Authors: Amit Parikh, Ankur Padmaja, Rahul Thakkur
a        a
Page no 81-82
“Subepithelial connective tissue graft, a promising treatment approach in gingival recession” - a case report.
Authors: Keshava Abbayya, Sanketh Guddad, Sanjay Naduwinmani, Nagaraj Puthanakar
a        a
Page no 83-86
Unilateral Osteochondroma In The Right Condylar Region: A Case Report
Authors: P. Prashanth, Sunilgupta Kedarisetty, K Sudheerkanth
a        a
Page no 87-89