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May 2013 , Volume 3 Issue 2


May, 2013
Vol-3 Issue - 2 (Quarterly Publication)

Editorial Desk

The Last Two Years, Has Seen A Sudden Introduction Of Dental Journal All Over The Country And Publications Seems To Be An Increase Since Then.

We Take This As An Increase In Opportunity For Indian Researchers To Protray Their Work. Also This Has Filled Up For The Excisting Lacunae In Area Of Dental Scientific Research, To Realise That A Lot Of Good Work Done In Our Country Gets Unpublished Hence Not Noticed.

Through This Issue Of Bhavnagar Universitys Journal We Bring To Our Readers A Variety Of Research Articles And Case Reports Form Various Subspecialities And Topics Covering Dental And Oral Structures.

To See Ones Research Accepted For Publication And Published Often Is Looked Upon As A Matter Of Pride Especially Of The Researchers Be It A Professor Or A Post Graduate Student.

Also Research Brings With It The Advantages That Come To Forefront As We Explore And Utilise Their Potential. What Is The Most Exciting Part Of Research Is That When One Finds Their Work And Techniques On Paper Becoming A Reality In Pratice And Further To Benefit The Patient Who Needs it The Most.

Through the Various Case Reports One Expects To Explore Newer Methods And Approach To Case That Add Further Insights Into Our Already Excisting Skills.

We Through Our Constant Effort Hope To Make This Journal More Reader Friendly While Maintaining Its Scientific Validity. Readers Can Freely Access The Articles Through Our Site

Also We Are Hoping To Get It Indexed In Times To Come

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

ISSN (ONLINE) - 2321 - 7553

ISSN (PRINT) - 2249-443x




Original Research

Relationship between Body Mass Index, Waist Hip Ratio and Chronic Periodontitis-
A Case-Control Study
AUTHORS: Manovijay.B, Mythili Swaminathan, Rajaseker.S, John William Felix.A, Srinivasan.S, Kavitha.J
Page no 1-7
Expression of cytokeratin-17 in oral sub mucous fibrosis- an immunohisto
chemical study
AUTHORS: R.Snehalatha, T.Pradeep Reddy, T. Chandra shekar, Munisekhar, S. Shailaja, Harish M
Page no 8-14
Dentition Status and Treatment Needs Among Asthmatic Children
AUTHORS: Bhavna Dave, Rini Gangwal, Sourabh Badjatia
Page no 15-21
A Clinical Study to Analyse the Acrylic Resin Complete Denture Fractures.
Authors :Puranik.S, Majage. B, Lakkam. B, Pavan, Giri.G, Patil.B
Page no 22-24
Evaluation of Immediately Loaded Dental Implants Placed in The Maxillary Region
:A Clinico Radiographic Study
Authors: Mayur Anand, Bina Anand, Suresh Sajjan, Roopa Kt, Ullas Anand, Kirti Anand

Page no 25-31
A soft tissue appraisal of Dravidian profile.
Authors: G J Anbuselvan, Prabhakar K
Page no 32-37
What young adults feel regarding the orofacial features of the opposite sex?A
Survey Report
Authors: Prashanth R, V N Parameshwaran, Roshan Sagarkar, Anitha Sagarkar, Poornima K, Suran
Page no 38-43

“Relationship Between Inter-occlusal Distance and Body Height”(Clinical and
Cephalometric Study)
Authors : S.K. Jawa
Page no 44-49


Complications During Root Canal Irrigation and Their Management
Authors: D.S. Dinesh, R. Karthikeyan, R. Sathyanarayanan, S. Balaji Tandri
Page no 50-53

Management of risks and Hazards in Orthodontics – An Overview
Authors: Rami Reddy M.S., Manoj Kumar M G, Vijay Bhaskar, Asha Reddy
Page no 54-61

Carcinogens: The Culprit Exposed
Authors: Zankhana B. Vyas, Neelampari Parikh, Nilesh Patel, Shikha Jain
Page no 62-69



Aneursysmal bone cyst of the mandible: A Case Report
Authors:Amit Parikh, Rahul Thakkur, Aakar Desai, Himanshu Suchde
Page no 70-73
Management of Calcified Root Canal In Young Permanent Tooth – A Case Report
Authors: Dipti Choksi, Barkha Idnani
Page no 74-79
Converting Implant Supported Removable Overdenture Into A Fix Retrievable
Hybrid Prosthesis: A Case Report.
Authors :Jaimin Patel
Page no 80-83
Management of Flabby Ridge, Resorbed Ridge And Increased Inter-ridge Distance -
A Case Report
Authors: Jayaprakash Mugur Basavanna, Nisha Sharma, Korapati ramananda Gupta Kashinath,
Dharmendra Kumar Sinha
Page no 84-89
Oncocytoma of Intra Oral Minor Salivary Gland of Palate : A Case Report And Review
Of Literature
Authors: Ankur Jethlia, Sanjay Dutta, Honey Jethlia, Jaya Singhvi
Page no 90-93
Fabrication of customized sectional impression trays for microstomia patient
Authors: Keval Shah, Rihan Desai, Darshana Shah
Page no 94-98
Multiple Sialoliths in Wharton's Duct : A Case Report
Authors: Hitesh Dewan, S.K. Dewan, Hiren Patel, Haren Pandya, Bijal Bhavasar, Urvi Shah
Page no 99-101