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May, 2014
Vol-4 Issue - 2 (Quarterly Publication)

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Welcome to the May issue of Bhavnagar University's Journal of dentistry for year 2014.

We are all familiar with blood and urine as diagnostic aids to interpret various disease conditions. However, advances in research have shown that our body also has other fluids containing biomarkers that can signify a diseased state.These are tell a tale molecules that can be used to monitor health status, disease onset, treatment purpose and outcome. They play a major role in life sciences and have begun to assume a greater role in diagnosis ,monitoring therapy outcomes and drug discovery.

The oral cavity also contains such fluids that contain useful information and are of diagnostic value. Their testing is relative inexpensive against the amount of data that can be derived from them. Bio-markers of periodontal disease include those in saliva and Gingival crevicular fluid (Gcf). Saliva has a great diagnostic value in areas of toxicology, endocrinology ,inflammation, disease indication and as a measure of immunity. Gcf is the other such indicator where biomarkers indicate the presence/absence of gingival/ periodontal pathways, host inflammatoryimmune response and often assist in early identification of periodontal disease giving us a better understanding of the onset and pathogenesis of the disease so as to allow successful treatment.

They make use of the presence of genomic and proteonomic and microbial bio-markers .Proteonomics for virulence factors from various bacterias and salivary proteonomics for dental caries, existing periodontal disease, malignant and pre-malignant oral lesions, salivary gland disease and lichen-planus.

Newer techniques such as mass spectrophotometry and proteonomics may soon prove the usefulness of these oral fluids as powerful diagnostic tools.

Our invited review contains useful information on saliva as a diagnostic tool in field of dental science and we hope this would be a valuable piece of information for our readers .

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Original Research

A Comparative Evaluation of Dimensional Accuracy of Elastomeric Impression Materials. – An in Vitro Study
AUTHORS: Ashish Pandey, Ankita Mehra
a        a
Page no 1-9
Effect of luting agents on bond strengths to root canal dentin – an in vitro study
AUTHORS: BenalVijayalaxmi D, SuranPushpa, Prashanth R, JMV.Raghavendra Reddy, Suresh Kumar
a        a
Page no 10-14
A Cephalometric Study of Alterations in DentoFacial Skeleton and Nasopharyngeal Air Passage in Established Mouth Breather (Boys and Girls in Growing Age) Due to Enlarged Adenoids.
AUTHORS: Mili B Patel, A. F.Bhatia
a        a
Page no 15-20
Correlation Of Epithelial Dysplasia And Fungal Infection In Biopsies Of Oral Mucosal Lesions
Authors: Jigar M. Purani, Hiral J. Purani, Raksha M. Shah
a        a
Page no 21-27
Evaluation Of Effectiveness Of Manual Glide Path In The Preparation Of Curved Root Canals Before Using Mtwo Rotary System-An In Vitro Study
Authors: Tasneem Abuwala, Radhika Chavda, Abhishek Parmar, Girish Parmar
a        a

Page no 28-37
An in-vitro study of bond strength between acrylic resin teeth and denture base resin.
Authors: Aaruti Kaura, Rupal Shah, Jitin Lalit, Sharwan Kumar Jawa
a        a
Page no 38-43
Effect of non surgical periodontal therapy on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with chronic periodontitis
AUTHORS: Cauvery N K, Naveen Karbhari, Arun Kulkarni, Jayashree Mudda, Raghavendra N M, Sunil K Bapure
a        a
Page no 44-50


The Oral Bloodstream As A Powerful Biomarker Of Dental Caries - An Overview
Authors: Mitra Hegde, Divya Tahiliani, Prof. (Dr) Nidarsh D. Hegde
a        a
Page no 51-56


Approach to the diagnosis of premalignant lesions in clinical practice
Authors: Mayura Paul, Rohit Paul, Kalyani Bhargava, Deepak Bhargava, Kanika Sethi
a        a
Page no 57-63


Aggressive Fibromatosis Of The Maxilla: A Case Report
Authors: Ch.Gayathri, B.Madhavi,Geeta Kumari, G.Venkateswara Rao
a        a
Page no 64-67
Mandibular First Molar with Three Canals in the Mesial Root: A Case Report
Authors: Prashant P Shetty, Pankaj Sancheti, Karthik Reddy, Shubh Prabhat Gupta
a        a
Page no 68-71
Recurrent herpetic gingivostomatitis – MASQUERADING AS NUG
Authors : Shivakumar. T. P, Shrinidhi. M. S, Srinidhi. Bhat, Mahesh. C. S
a        a
Page no 72-75
Treatment of Gummy Smile Using Botulinum Toxin Type-A
Authors: Vaibhav Joshi, Shweta Bali, PriyankaThukral, DeepaVerma
a        a
Page no 76-80
Management of large periapical lesion using Non-surgical approach – A case report
Authors: Dipti Choksi, Barkha Idnani , Parth Sakaria
a        a
Page no 81-84
Ankylosed Canine Distalization Using Simplified Distraction Device.
Authors: Nirav Patel, Priyanka Gupta, Shrey Italia, Pankti Patel
a        a
Page no 85-89
Independent Middle Mesial Root Canal in Mandibular First Molars: A Report of Two Cases
Authors: Akshayraj K Langalia, Akanksha Malik, Anjali Kothari
a        a
Page no 90-93
Ortho-Surgical Approach For Correction Of Severe Skeletal Class 3 Malocclusion- A Case Report
Authors: Kalpesh Patel, Mohammed Shahid Dal
a        a
Page no 94