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May 2015


May, 2015
Vol-5 Issue - 2 (Quarterly Publication)

Editorial Desk


Today we live in a world of “cut, copy and paste” philosophy. This philosophy has so rapidly spread in our professional era too, that many researchers and authors make the inevitable mistake of taking information from an internet website or online articles, without acknowledging the original author. There is no harm in gaining the information online but the things has to be rewritten with some newer addition of knowledge with an independent individuals thought process.

Today research and publications are most important seemingly “BREAD AND BUTTER” for the dental academicians. "PUBLISH OR PERISH" is a common adage that is well known to all because publications are a compulsory pre-requisite for appointment on jobs or promotions as they are made compulsory by governing dental bodies. This has lead to a source of competition between the various faculties to have a more number of publications rather than having quality publications. This modern race has lead to indulgence of various researchers and academicians into journalistic plagiarism. The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in its Guidelines on Good Publication Practice defines plagiarism as "the unreferenced use of others' published and unpublished ideas, including research grant applications to submission under "new" authorship of a complete paper..." It is further stated that plagiarism "may occur at any stage of planning, research, writing, or publication."

Plagiarism can be considered when one lifts the material from others article and claims it as his/her own, or when complete source of material is not mentioned, or when author names are not mentioned when results are used for justification in one's study, or when citation is done but the words taken are not kept in quotation marks, and even when someone writes from one's own previous work (self-stealing) is also a plagiarism.

As an editor of the journal it is my sincere pledge to all the researchers and authors not to indulge in this era of plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally as sooner or later it will be noticed in our intellectual era. The journal editors usually run the manuscripts received through the anti-plagiarism software before considering the article for review. Ones in a race of having a quick name and fame with least original work can be equated with white collar criminals. We should curb the policy of cut, copy and paste and enrich our scientific literature with our own words, expressions and innovative skills. We should learn faster in this growing dental world and become a good researcher with originality and innovativeness.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Original Research

Prevalence of Supernumerary Teeth: An Original Research
AUTHORS: Mohammed Najmuddin, Parita Chitroda, Safeena, Ankur Jethlia, Tenny John, Sameena Parveen
a        a
Page no 1-6
To assess commonly used terminology by orthodontists to classify the areas 'inbetween' the angle's molar classification - a questionnaire study
AUTHORS: Shamil Diyora, Romina Kapadia, Romil Shah, Kartik Parikh, Bhavnit Vaghani, Harshil Joshi
a        a
Page no 7-15
Comparative evaluation of the effects of ProTaper, HeroShaper, GG drills and Hyflex on cervical dentin thickness and root canal volume by computed tomography – An ex-vivo study
AUTHORS: Gautham P.M, Ramya Raghu, Ashish Shetty, Puneetha P.G, Satyanarayana Reddy, Ahmed Kulsoom Siddiqui
a        a
Page no 16-21
Soft tissue Cephalometric Norms for Orthognathic Surgery in Karnataka Population
Authors: Shashikumar G M, Malthesh Savakkanavar, Girish K S, Poorya Naik D S, SRK Reddy
a        a
Page no 22-27
Antibiotic prescription pattern in the management of endodontic infections amongst dental professionals in and around mumbai – a survey
Authors: Richa Prama, Leena Padhye, Lalitagauri Mandke
a        a

Page no 28-35
Soft tissue analysis for class III malocclusion in Indian Gujarati population
Authors: Hina Desai, Poorvi Harmani, Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari
a        a
Page no 36-42
A comparative evaluation of resistance to vertical root fracture of endodontically treated teeth with recently used sealers:an in vitro study
Authors: Shveta Chaudhari, Rupal Vaidya, Shraddha Chokshi
a        a
Page no 43-50
A comparative 8 year retrospective analysis of 3010 patients with maxillofacial trauma.
Authors: Charchil Patel, Ravi Kalola, Adarsh Desai, Nishrag Chaudhary, Pooja Trivedi, Nimisha Chaudhary
a        a
Page no 51-55


The anatomy, morphology and variations in mandibular first molar: an endodontists perspective
Authors: Abhinav Diwan, Sreedevi C.R, Moushmi C.B., Vijay Raghava
a        a
Page no 56-62


Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with partial finger amputations using silicone biomaterial: a case report
Authors: B. Indira Padmaja, K.Prathyusha, Ashish Kumar, K.Kamatchi
a        a
Page no 63-66
Ceramic Inlay: A boon to modern dentistry- A case report
Authors: Shashin Shah, Barkha Idnani, Dipti Choksi, Nirav Parmar
a        a
Page no 67-69
An autogenous bone graft: undefeated warrior and ultimate success weapon
Authors : Sandeep Patel, Khushabu Deshmukh, Anup Cholepatil, Ruparani Bodduru
a        a
Page no 70-77