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Sep, 2013
Vol-3 Issue - 3 (Quarterly Publication)

Editorial Desk

Greetings from the team of bujod….

We welcome you to our next issue of Bhavnagar University's journal of dentistry

This is our last issue for the year 2013, at this point I am happy to announce our new initiative PHOTOESSAYS.

Photo-essay is simply a collection of images that are placed in a specific order to tell the progression of events, concepts and emotions. It is widely used in the field of photography as photo essay takes the same story telling techniques as in a normal essay translated into visual images It's like a series of pictures… that says a thousand words….

Dentistry is as we all accept a combination of art and science, more so science being our ability to observe and detect abnormalities, variations, and pathologic changes is an integral part of our profession.

Digital technology techniques are soon making a wave in dental science be it -----digital radiology, digital imaging, digital scanning (CAD CAM), software's related to treatment planning, shade matching to impressiong techniques, digital documentations includes videos, educational fields in for of webinars and many more soon we are to see paperless offices in our country….

Photography and imaging have been a part and parcel in our field and through this photo-essay we are making an attempt to keep up with the recent advances and rapidly developing digital technology and making it a part of our publication.

Photo-essay's aim at highlighting the importance of utilizing the appropriate technology, which is specific for certain conditions and the value of documentation.

Very few dental journal have this as a part of their index, hence I hope that this new development would be a trendsetter.

Wising our readers a happy new year ahead… 2014

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

ISSN (ONLINE) - 2321 - 7553

ISSN (PRINT) - 2249-443x




Original Research

Micronuclei: A Biomarker For Malignancy
AUTHORS: R.Chaudhary, Roseline Macwan, Bhavin Dudhia, Purv Patel, Parul V Bhatia
Page no 1-7
Various factors influencing the treatment of single tooth replacement
AUTHORS: Ashish Pandey, Punit.Khurana,
Page no 8-17
Application of kvaal's dental age estimation technique on Orthopantom-ographs on A Population of Gujarat – A Short Study
AUTHORS: Neelampari Parikh, Gunjan Dave, Jayavir barad, Nilesh Patel, Anuj Mansata
Page no 18-24
The role of plaster models as an essential diagnostic tool in current orthodontic practice.
Authors : Adit Shah , Romina Kapadia, Avinash Nawathe, Purvesh Shah, Dharmadev Gadhiya, Chirag Bhalodia
Page no 25-30
Comparision of Effect of Different Acids on teeth: An experimental study to aid in forensic identification
Authors: Pallak Arora, Janardhan Amarnath, Parvathi Devi, Shalini Kapoor, Neha Koshal, Swati Arora

Page no 31-37
A study of soft tissue covering of faces in Class III malocclusion in male and female and its relation to the underlying Dento-alveolar skeletal pattern (A Cephalometric Study)
Authors: Anju Parikh, Basavaraj Phulari
Page no 38-41


Tooth agenesis: The many aspects of an intriguing phenomenon
Authors: Naveen Puri, Surbhi Thakkar, Suruchi Puri, Varun Rastogi, Nishant Singh, Swati Arora
Page no 42-48

Provisional Restorative Materials In Fixed Prosthodontics: A Comprehensive Review
Authors: Somil Mathur, Alkesh Shah, Rakesh Makwana, Mina Shah, Alaap Shah, Nidhi Jathal
Page no 49-57

“Early Childhood Caries, Association of Paediatricians and Paedodontists - Need of The Day”
Authors: Viddyasagar M, C Ashok Kumar, Shradha Naik, Choudhari Shantanu, Dwijendra
Kocherlakota Subbayaya, Duggi Vijay
Page no 58-64


A Miracle of Model Technology: Finite Element Model
Authors: Amish Mehta, Sunny Vavadia
Page no 65-71






An unusal case of mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Authors: Bijal Bhavsar, Hiren patel, Haren pandya, Hitesh Diwan, Urvi Shah
Page no 72-74
Reconstruction Of Fractured Anterior Tooth: A Conservative Approach
Authors: Samrat M, N.M. Dhanyakumar, Neetu S.B.
Page no 75-78
Power bleach: a review and case reports.
Authors : Parul Bansal, Akanksha Malik, Puneet Ajwani, Nupur Bhavsar
Page no 79-85
Non-Surgical Treatment Of Class Iii Malocclusion In Young Children: Case Report
Authors: Shrey Italia, Nirav Patel, Vishnu Patel, Haresh Ahir
Page no 86-89
Management Of Hypertaurodontic Mandibular Second Premolar With Two Canals
Authors: Vinay Kumar, Prashant Moogi, Basanagouda Patil, Prashanth B.R
Page no 90-94
Oro-facial herpes zoster: a case report.
Authors: Dwijendra. K S, Vidyasagar M, Rohini. N, Shantanu C
Page no 95-98