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September 2014 issue


Sep, 2014
Vol-4 Issue - 3 (Quarterly Publication)

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Soft skills are of greater importance in today’s workspace, as there has been a significant change in working environment and pattern.

In conjunction with hard skills and domain expertise, soft skills are of major of importance in career advancement and they play a central role to ones career. These skills are acquired through academic programs and professional experiences.

Only After being in the world of dentistry for 22 yrs I realized and recognized the importance of these and more so the incorporation of them into our field how they help us develop the patience to deal with patients and win their confidence.

A few of these skills include effective team work, interpersonal skill, communication skills, listening and empathy, leadership, work ethics, problem solving, time management, responsibility, consistency and predictability .

All of these have a social impact especially while working in a group. Dental working environments are varied and they range from dental surgeons working in government institutes, academic institutes, public hospitals and these often have a huge amount of work load, exposed to illiterate patients who lack a clear understanding, many of their minds riddled with wrong notions about dental treatment: All this leaves little room for caring and courteous behavior towards patients, as opposed to this there has been a meteoric rise in corporate based dental practices and multispecialty based dental set -ups, both of which require the use of soft skills to a larger extent for effective patient communication , and for communication with other members involved in the setup.

All over the world there has been an increase in the segment of dental surgeons who have realized the importance and are training themselves in soft skills, as it is seen as an important tool that helps them deal with difficult situations or break news to patients.

One cannot overlook the fact that dental education in India does not impart soft skills to students and often this leads to loss of patients, loss of time and increased cost at practice level. On the other hand patients at moment are all well informed and expect good treatment and better level of understanding from dental professionals and hence it becomes imperative for us to develop them.

Few of them include

Communication: Verbal /nonverbal, both making a world of difference today in driving ones point across.

This is of importance while explaining to patients about treatment procedures, pros and cons of therapy, expenditure involved and outcome of procedure.

Consistency and Predictability, is another important aspect that one needs to keep in mind while treating patients, this applies that one has to have a set working protocol that is similar irrespective of the type of the patient or working conditions, and similar efforts to remain during all situations.

Listening and Empathy: This skill is often woefully missing today. One has to make a conscious effort in listening & understanding others view points, their perspective and showing consideration towards the same.This when applied to dentistry is the amount of time and attention that ones gives to listen to the patient, not only it makes the patient feel good but also develops a sense of confidence in the doctor and that the doctor has a genuine interest in them This often helps solve their problems or guides us towards the correct diagnosis.

Team Work and Work ethics: this soft skill has a high correlation with ones career progression. It reduces the stress and conflict, saves time and allows smooth implementation of workspace.

To allow dental professionals to overcome the shortcomings without these skills ,workshops and training sessions are often are recommended and fortunately dentists in India are warming up to the idea. It is often seen that human emotions are difficult to predict especially in stressful and painful situations and hence the acquisition of these skills is an inherent part of a good dental surgeon.

As we come to our final issue for year 2014, I heartily thank our entire editorial team and especially Dr Yashraj Rathore, Dr Vineet Agrawal co-editor ( BUJOD) and Preet Art - publisher for all their relentless efforts to make this journal going for the 4th consecutive year , in print and online, and it is team work and efforts put in by all to make this journal possible.

Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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