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September 2012


September, 2012
Vol-2 Issue - 3 (Quarterly Publication)

Greetings From Bhavnagar University's Journal Dentistry...
As we come out with our fourth issue. Together, we welcome the ban on gutka,which has been recently reinforced in more than 10 states across India. 
According to release by world tobacco atlas and lancet,1.2 lakh cases of oral cancer alone are detected in India, out of this 80% are related to the use of tobacco. 
The alarming statistics are that 10-13 of three are children in the age group of 10-15 years,bringing India as the worlds highest oral cancer affected country.
 We see this ban,as an effort of public health experts,volunteer groups and judiciary, but the striking point of this drastic measure is the scientific evidence,its acceptance and awareness that has translated scientific knowledge into public policy.
 With advanced methods of oral cancer diagnosis and analysis we have been able to generate more scientific evidence in this field. The scientific advances and deductions contributed by various dental surgeons have further stepped up this cause for oral cancer.
In all "It needs more than a ban"
A holistic and comprehensive approach in tackling oral cancer, which, can further come from dental educationists and educational institutes who can play a larger role to address the issue by 
(a) Providing further scientific evidences related to all aspects of oral cancer and tobacco related products.
(b) Organizing public awareness programs at institutional level and also in co-ordination with local NGO's.
(c) Arranging free oral cancer diagnostic camps.
This would be further gear us up to deal with the challenge of tobacco abuse. As dental fraternity we look at this ban as a welcome step and join hands to contribute the cause in our own way in the interest of society.
Dr. Sonali Kapoor - Chief Editor

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Original Research

Evaluation of surface roughness of titanium castings after sandblasting with different abrasive powders- an invitro study.
AUTHORS: Sonali Arora, Mugur Basavanna Jayaprakash, S K Vishwanath, Rana K Varghese, Piyush Tandon, Ramesh Nadiger
Page no 1-7
Comparison Of the Efficacy Of 17% EDTA, 7% Maleic Acid & 5% Phosphoric Acid in Smear Layer Removal From Instrumented Human Root Canal: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study
AUTHORS: Alpa Vora, Kshiti Shah, Vaishali Parekh
Page no 8-14
Co-relation of serum concentration of phenytoin, oral hygiene status and gingival overgrowth in epileptic patients under the monotherapy of phenytoin
AUTHORS: Vijayakumar .N, Renuka Devi, Saranyan. R, Madhumala.R , Manonmani, N Sayee Ganesh
Page no 15-23
Evaluatation of stress distribution with various orthodontic forces in maxillary central incisor with various root morphology - A Finite Element Study
Authors: Parikshit Rao, Narayan Kulkarni
Page no 24-30
Self Etching Primers Versus Phosphoric Acid: A Comparative Evaluation Of Shear Bond Strength Of Composite Resin To Enamel - An In-Vitro Study
Authors: Sathish Abraham, Neelathil Lisa Chacko

Page no 31-40
Detection of Human Papillomavirus 18 and 16 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Oral Cavity of Vadodara District. A Preliminary study
Authors: Vandana Shah, Shreyash Shah, Deepak Pateel, Vikas Bhakhar
Page no 41-45
Evaluation Of Resorbable Collagen Chitosan Membrane and Porous Hydroxyapatite In The Treatment of Mandibular Class II Furcation Defects– A Clinico- Radiographic Study
Authors: Ashok Satyanarayan, Arun Kulkarni, Prasanth Shetty, Sharashchandra Biradar, Mohan Sakri, Sameer Zope
Page no 46-58


Implant impressions simplified
Authors: Vahini Reddy, Venkateswara Allu Reddy, Sadhvi K.V
Page no 59-63


Stem Cells: Their Evolution, Properties, Types And Role In The Future Of Dentistry – A Review
Authors: Pushpalatha Mahesh, Mahesh M. C
Page no 64-69

Immature teeth – changing trends in management
Authors: R. Meyyapan
Page no 70-76

Cementum- is it an inactive & unresponsive tissue??
Authors: Radhika Gupta, Sushama Galgali, Shweta Bali, Sadaf Nishat
Page no 77-82



Fabrication of hollow custom made silicone finger prosthesis: A clinical report
Authors: Rupinder Sandhu, Ashok Kumar Gupta, Jay Prakash Narayan, Archana Sharma, Vivek Prabhu
Page no 83-87
Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA) – A rare case report
Authors:K. Harivinder Reddy, Manish Bhalla, Swetha Reddy, M.K.Sunil, Azmatullah
Page no 88-91
Odontoma – Review and a Case Report
Authors : Rahul Dhanak, Tushar Makwana, Nimisha Desai, Mohsin Ali
Page no 92-96
C-Shaped Root Canal System in Mandibular Second Molars
Authors: Kunjal S. Mistry, Zarna Sanghvi, Rupal Vaidya, Pallav Chokshi, Shraddha Chokshi
Page no 97-101
Pedicled buccal pad of fat: A trustworthy adjunct in primary palatoplasty- a case report
Authors: Ashok Kumar Gupta, Rupinder Sandhu, Anantpreet Singh,Vivek Prabhu, Jay prakash Narayan
Page no 102-106
A novel approach for the coverage of severe gingival recession defect using pedicled buccal fat pad: A case report
Authors: Mohammed Azmatullah, Avadhesh Kumar, Sanjay Gupta, Shalini Kaushal
Page no 107-110

Lichen Planus – A case Report
Authors: S.K. Jawa, Vikas single
Page no 111-114
Localized alveolar ridge reconstruction with connective tissue grafting – A Case report
Authors: Sarath Chandran, Sonali Kapoor, Shivlal Vishnoi, Nandita Chandran
Page no 115-123